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Learn about the integration of art to the blockchain and participate in the potential that web3 brings.


Earn through our affiliate art sales program or sell your own art on our fair marketplace. Integrate resale royalties or fractionize your exclusive artwork in shares as NFT’s.

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Create the most amazing web3 projects through collaborations with artists and entrepreneurs by aligning your skill sets.


Enjoy a community of like minded artists, gallerist and collectors sharing ideas and everyday experiences… And of course, having fun!

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House of Knowledge

We believe that the right education is the foundation to building a strong community, while adding value to the web3 space and personal development.

We created a one stop shop to get you started and familiarized with the blockchain and what NFT’s have to offer. Step by step manuals for beginners and more in depth guides for advanced blockchain users.

We will also be offering exclusive 1-on-1 counselling to help you realize the full potential of your ideas.

Guiding you through the what, why’s and how ‘s of:

Creating a NFT series

Virtual Art Galleries

As the virtual world offers more efficient communication and new venture opportunities we’re recreating the famous Chariot Boutique in the Metaverse.

The ultimate virtual art gallery experience to accommodate all art enthusiasts needs. A place with no boundaries, bridging the limitless to creative minds.

We’ve purchased land plots in most major metaverses and will be utilizing these for virtual art galleries and events for our members.


Back in the sixties, The Chariot boutique on Melrose in LA was the movement that changed the colorless monotone of the industrial era into a world full of art and color. Answering all artistic needs through the creations and designs of Yosha and Barry Finch, “Art to Live in”. From murals to their own couture lines, everything they touched transformed into colorful art, inspiring many famous artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Cream and Bob Marley,

just to name a few...!

We, as children of The Chariot raised by this philosophy, want to keep the spirit alive by bringing art in it’s purest form to this digital era. We tend to do this by recreating The Chariot, a home for artists young and old, new and  well-known, who can share artistic experiences, field knowledge and collaborate to  merge their creations onto the digital atmosphere known as “the blockchain”.


Our members will be able to sell their art on our fully decentralized platform with 0% commission and no membership fees! The way it should be!

We will be utilizing all our 2nd market NFT sale royalties to maintain The Chariot Art House and create new opportunities for our members. Keeping this process fully transparent and decentralized.

The Funds from our NFT sales will impower us to create amazing opportunities for artist around the world… And the world is only as free as it allows its artists to be.


We will start this endeavor by launching a NFT Collection called: Queenz, designed by Scarlet Arrow, the daughter of Yosha & Barry Finch.

Queenz represents the multi-cultural world we live in today: In harmony as one civilization, respecting the emancipation of women, who are all Queenz of their own empire. 

Originally these 4 paintings were made on canvas, Scarlet digitized these Queenz by hand to create this original NFT series. Combining multiple attributes and color variations, we’re creating 1000 unique NFT’s of each Queen, for a total of 4000 unique Queenz.

Physical Art

All NFT holders will receive a high quality 1 of 1 print of their unique Queenz NFT (50x70cm).

On 100 of these prints Scarlet Arrow will add hand crafted embellishments!

Each print is an original and will never be reproduced by us.

NFT utilities

Physical art

receive a 1 of 1 high quality print of your NFT (50x70cm)


to The Chariot Art House

No commission or fees

on selling art through our platform

The Chariot Art House

Early access to projects launched in the Art house

Scarlet Arrow NFT’s

Discounts on future sales

Hand painted art

Discounts on sales

Scarlet Arrow apparel

Discounts on future sales

IRL and virtual events

Exclusive access

All IP rights

of each art piece go to the NFT holder.



Discord will be our homebase until we have our full platform set up online. A social network for easy communication and community building.


Stay up to date with the latest news on Chariot

Chariot Art House channels

Our Discord is open for everyone, but The Chariot Art House channels are only accessible for members.


Meet the poeple that made this possible

Scarlet Arrow Finch

Art Director

Rafel Bleeker


Daniel Finch


Bas Hakstege