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Aggression is the act of performing Aggressive actions on fellow crewmembers. This may be necessary to destroy unmasked Icon Mush, or to eliminate high priority targets if you ARE a Mush. Aggressive actions often make you dirty. Check here for a list of Weapons and other combat related equipment.

List of Aggressive Actions

  • Attacking someone with bare hands -> Kick Off
  • Attacking with the knife -> Attack: Knife
  • Attacking with a gun -> Icon Подтвердить: Shoot: [weapon]
  • Infecting someone with a spore -> Infect
  • Guarding a room or a person -> Guard
  • Icon Подтвердить: Icon Intimidating -> Intimidate
  • Icon Torturer -> Torture
  • Icon Victimizer -> Anthema
  • Icon Bacteriophiliac -> Icon Подтвердить: Contaminate
  • Icon Demoralize -> Icon Подтвердить: Demozalize
  • Icon Nightmarish -> Give Nightmares


  • Try not to fight in the room where Ian is.
  • Still it takes 1 Бесплатные Выстрелы shooter point to shoot with Ian in room.
  • If your target is not Ian, Icon Wrestler and Icon Solid can kick out Ian or his target out of the room.
  • Attack when your target is low on AP, or is offline.
  • Preparations: pick up a weapon, armor, food or the medikit.

Mush Strategy

  • Prioritize targets based on their skills, health, items etc
  • If you can't kill everyone, come up with an excuse why you killed someone
  • You have plenty of indirect ways of killing people (moral, expeditions, moving the ship, starting a fire, sabotaging oxygen tanks etc)
  • In a situation where your target is online but out of MP, duct tape could be useful.
  • Use explosives when there are a lot of targets in the same room

Human Strategy

  • If you are targeted, run to Ian or where there are lots of other humans
  • Call for help before you attack.
  • Try not to target other humans.
  • If someone else finishes off your target, leave the room beforehand to not get psychological disorders from witnessing death.

Hit Chance

You should try to calculate how much damage you can do with your Очко действия before attacking. For example, if you assume your target has 10Очки Здоровья, you should expect to need 5 successful unarmed attacks (average 2 damage each) on them. The base attack chance is 60% but increases with every attack. Approximating that every attack has a 75% chance to hit, you probably need to attack them at least 7 or 8 times, costing 1Очко действия each time.

Instant kills

Sometimes you get lucky with your shots. There is a small chance that a single shot takes your target down from maximum health to 0.


Useful skills

  • Icon Cold Blooded, +3 Очко действия for every death.
  • Icon Crazy Eye, aggressive actions against you cost 2 Очко действия more (essentially a personal Icon Pacifist effect).
  • Icon Creative, 50% chance to get 1Очко действия if you fail an action.
  • Icon Detached Crewmember, no ill effects for witnessing death.
  • Icon Determined, missed attacks increase success chance more rapidly.
  • Icon Diplomat, for Ceasefire ability.
  • Icon Expert, action success chances increased by 20%.
  • Icon Intimidating, spend 1 Очко действия, target crewmember loses 2 Очко действия and 4 Очки движения.
  • Icon Shooter, free Бесплатные Выстрелы points for firing weaponry.
  • Icon Sneak, 25% unarmed penalty, ignores guards.
  • Icon Solid, +1 damage for unarmed attacks.
  • Icon Victimizer, -20% accuracy for the pariah.
  • Icon Wrestler, +2 damage for unarmed attacks.
  • Icon Hard Boiled, All combat damage reduced by one point.
  • Icon Ninja, unarmed attacks are anonymous.
  • Icon Phagocyte, eat a spore to gain 4 Очки Здоровья and 4 Очко действия.