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Becoming Icon Dirty is one of the primary dangers of early Mush games, as the agents of Mush are guaranteed to become Dirty while performing their shroomy deeds. This naturally puts suspicion on anybody caught with less-than-perfect hygiene. Crew members will be expected to report exactly how and why they've become Dirty, and are advised to avoid it in any ways possible. Certain crew members are even expected to never be dirty due to the clean nature of their roles.

Measures against Dirtiness

Holding the Icon Stainproof Apron will protect you from most actions that can make you Icon Dirty. (see below for a specific list)

To remove the Icon Dirty status from your character, take a Shower in either of the dorms. If both showers have been dismantled, an emergency shower will be available in the Refectory, which can only be used once a day.

Showering takes 2 Очко действия in regular showers, or 3 Очко действия in the emergency Refectory shower. Holding either Icon Soap (or Icon Super Soaper) reduces the cost by 1 Очко действия. The Super Soaper will also remove 1 Icon Spore from your body when you shower.

Adverse effects of being Dirty

Icon Финола loses 1 Мораль for every cycle she spends Icon Dirty due to her Icon Germaphobe trait, meaning that she should avoid being dirty at all cost.

Prohibited actions

Due to the dangers of the Icon Mush, the NERON AI prohibits Icon Dirty crew members from accessing a number of consoles. While dirty, you will not be able to perform the following actions:

  • Working on Research.
  • Working on NERON Projects.
  • Analyzing planets. (You can scan for planets, just not analyze them.)
  • Working on the Communications Console.
  • Grafting plants. (When trying to graft a fruit onto a plant, the plant must not be thirsty, dried out or sick, and the person doing it must not be dirty. If any of these things is the case, the plant will die and you will lose the fruit.)

Permitted actions

Against NERON's better judgement you will, however, be able to perform the following feats while Icon Dirty:

Causes of Dirtiness


These actions can make you Icon Dirty, but will be avoided if you're carrying the Icon Stainproof Apron or if you have Icon OCD


The following actions/diseases will make you Icon Dirty no matter what.