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Basic Actions

A basic action is an action that all players have and does not need to be unlocked by choosing a skill.
Mush players have additional basic actions (see Basic Mush Actions).

Kick off

An aggressive action that inflicts 1-3 points of damage to the target with a base accuracy of 60%. It costs 1 Очко действия. Affected by: Icon Sneak, Icon Solid, Icon Wrestler, Icon Crazy Eye, Icon Ninja skills and Icon Ян's Pacifist.pngPacifist trait.


Hiding items prevents them from appearing on the room's shelves to anyone but the person that hid them. They still can remain effective (e.g. MycoAlarm). It costs 1 Очко действия to hide an item.


It allows for discovering one hidden item per attempt. It costs 1 Очко действия, unless a character has the Icon Observant skill, which makes searching a free action.

Lie down

If there is an unoccupied bed a character can lie down to receive 1 bonus Очко действия when cycles change.

Get up

Leave this cosy little nest and face the cruel world! (Happens automatically when taking any other action.)


Flirt allows a character whom you flirted with to "do the thing" with you. It costs 1 Очко действия.

Icon Ралука cannot flirt, but other can flirt with her and then she can do the thing. Flirt is impossible between Icon Паола and Icon Джоэле.

Icon Заметка: Flirting causes the following messages to be recorded in the logs:
Female character seems interested in Male character, the fluttering of their eyelashes is a good indicator of their most intimate thoughts.
Male character seems interested in Female character. The way he looks at her leaves nobody in any doubt of his intentions.

Doing the thing

"Doing the thing" raises morale by 2 Мораль points for both participants. It can also transfer spores from a mush to a human partner, or diseases between human partners. This action can be initiated only once per day and costs 1 Очко действия. Following conditions must be met before "doing the thing" is allowed:

  • Partners must be of opposite gender. (Unless one is Icon Энди)
  • Other character must have flirted with your character.
  • The room has an empty (!) bed or sofa in it.
  • There are no bystanders (even asleep) or cameras installed in the room.

Icon Заметка: If successful, the following is recorded in the logs:
Character and Character killed the lights and then the strange noises started... A few minutes later, the lights went back on. They seemed in great spirits afterwards.

Female characters (including Icon Фрида, but not Icon Энди) have an 8% chance of getting Icon Pregnant.


Requirement: Character Level 3 or higher

It costs 1 Очко действия to guard a room, which keeps any crew members in the room from leaving through any door except the one they entered through.

  • The stance is broken when any other action is issued.
  • It counts as "aggressive" action, so guarding a room with Icon Ян in it costs 3 Очко действия instead.

Basic Mush Actions

A basic mush action is an action that all mush players have and does not need to be unlocked by choosing a skill. These actions are in addition to the "basic actions" already listed above.

Extract a spore

A Icon Secret action that creates a spore and stores it for a later use. The action always makes a mush Icon Dirty, even when wearing the Icon Stainproof Apron. This action costs 2 Очко действия, then 4 Очко действия once the Шаблон:Research has been completed.


This uses one of stored spores and transfers it to a targeted human in the same room. In order to convert a human to mush, they need to be infected 3 times (4 after Mushovore Bacteria research is completed). However, each mush can only infect once per day (twice with an Icon Infector skill). This action costs 1 Очко действия. Unless Ian is in the room, then it is 3 Очко действия


If succeeded causes affected equipment to break. The success chance increases with each failed attempt. Icon Saboteur doubles the chances. Icon Doorman allows to sabotage a random door per day for free.


For 3 Очко действия a mush can turn into its ultimate form - Berzerk.png Berzerk. A berzerk gains a small damage bonus, toughness, and a permanent Guardian.pngGuardian status, but loses all other active abilities except for moving, sabotaging and attacking (passive human & mush abilities remain effective). Berzerks can't carry items and will drop all items they were carrying at the moment of mutation.