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Here's various tips & tricks for Human Play, detailing old-and-tried practices and advice on how to survive in the merciless depths of space. For more detailed information on specific parts of the game, check the various other articles listed on the Main Page.


General Advice

  • First and foremost, communicate.
Mush is a social strategy game. If you let your teammates know what you are doing and try to work with them, you will do better and so will your ship as a whole, guaranteed. You'll probably also have a lot more fun. :)
  • Follow game rules.
Before the crew fills up and the two initial Icon Mush are chosen, you are obliged to play neutrally; not performing any actions that may disadvantage either team when the game starts. Besides that, you are expected not to deliberately disadvantage your own team (Human or Mush) when sides are chosen. If you disregard game rules, you will soon find yourself sanctioned.
  • Tooltips are not useful for telling you what your ship needs.
The tooltips tell you some possible actions that you can do. However, they are usually quite far off from what you should do, and in some cases, can be very counterproductive. Since Очко действия is precious, ask your crewmates what you should be doing if you don't know.
  • Do not cook a bunch of rations.
This is bad or worse, depending on your ship's BIOS settings. By default, NERON is set to automatically destroy cooked food at the end of the day. So any Icon Cooked Ration sitting around at the end of Cycle 8 will be destroyed with this NERON setting. If it's changed to preserve cooked food, any cooked food sitting around at the end of cycle 8 will spoil. Spoiled food is still safe to eat after one day, but after another day comes around it will have a chance to make any human who eats it sick. Either way, it's just not something that's good to do.
  • Do not eat every time you can.
While there are other ways to get food, the 30 Icon Standard Ration your ship starts with will be the bulk of your ship's food supply over the first 10 or so days. After 24 cycles without eating, a character gets the Icon Starving status and loses 1 Очки Здоровья per cycle until they eat. If even a few people are eating every time they can, your ship will run out of food and starve. For most characters, it's best to only eat when you know you will be hungry soon, or when there is something important to take care of, like killing mush or putting out fires. If you're not sure, ask your shipmates whether or not something is worth eating to get done quickly. There are exceptions to this, like some ships will want Icon Паола or Icon Финола to eat daily during the beginning of the ship to get more done, but this should probably be agreed upon by the ship.
  • Do not work on a NERON project that hasn't been agreed upon by the crew.
In the Nexus, there will be 3 NERON Projects available to be worked on at a time. Once one of the three is completed, the other two are no longer available to your ship. Period. Therefore, someone should always list which NERON projects are available and what they do, then attempt to come to some sort of consensus on which is most useful to your ship. Some NERON projects are vital for a long lasting ship, so completing others when those are available is sabotage.
  • Make sure Cameras are set up early.
Icon Mush can infect humans with a Icon Spore without being detected in any room which does not have a Icon Camera. It doesn't matter if there are witnesses; if there isn't a Camera, they can spore you all they like. For this reason, setting up Cameras in key locations where people go offline should be a #1 priority for people without a specific job. Check storage rooms to find cameras; they will be on the walls or shelves there. The locations where you want to move them to are both Dorms and the Bridge. If Icon Джоэле has Icon Paranoid, 2 more Cameras become available for the Medlab and the Engine Room. It costs 1 Очко действия to remove a Camera and 2 Очко действия to install it. Both these actions can make you Icon Dirty.
  • Do not hang out in a room without a camera.
As mentioned previously, Icon Mush can infect you with spores if you're in a room without a Camera. Once Cameras are set up, plan your trips so that you will have enough Очко действия/Очки движения to make it back to a Camera and be protected. If everyone does this, it will be a lot more difficult for Mush to turn anyone. The exceptions to this are whoever is using the Medlab bed (usually Icon Финола) and Icon Чун, since she cannot be spored.
  • Figure out what your character's role is and do it.
There's a lot to do in the game, to be certain. However, while tempting, one should not explore the entire ship clicking all the things, as that is quite a bit of Очко действия and Очки движения that is not going towards your character's role aboard the ship. If you're unsure of your role, ask.
  • Do not stay dirty for extended periods of time.
There are many things which will make you Icon Dirty as a human. However, Icon Mush become dirty when they make spores and take damage when they take showers, so they very much have a built-in incentive to stay dirty. Watching who is dirty, how often and for how long can help to identify the Mush. For this reason, if you stay dirty, you may very well be suspected of being Mush, and possibly killed.
  • If your health or morale are getting low, do something about it.
When you reach half health, it's a good idea to try to get healing. Anyone can heal 3 Очки Здоровья for you at the Medlab for 2 Очко действия, or you can heal yourself for 4 Очко действия. This can also be done with the Icon Medikit in any room at a smaller cost for you. If your ship still has Mush on it and you are low on health, it's best to PM people you trust to ask for healing, since it's not to your advantage for the Mush to know you'd be easy to finish off. Losing all your Мораль morale will kill you as surely as losing all your Очки Здоровья health, so you should also take action regarding this before it becomes critical. Lying in a bed in the same room as a Icon Shrink (typically Icon Джанис) will restore 1 Мораль per cycle, and you can also ask your Shrink to use Очко действия to restore 2 Мораль for you.
  • Do not end a cycle in the same room as Raluca.
Icon Ралука loses one Мораль every cycle she ends in the same room as someone else, so she can very quickly reach 0 Мораль and suicide if people don't give her space. The exception to this is that if Raluca is on a bed in a dorm and Icon Джанис with the Icon Shrink skill is there, she is safe, because the Мораль gained will offset the Мораль lost. This can be risky for Raluca though, as Janice will need to make sure she stays in the room during cycle changeovers.
  • Do not use the Microwave or the MAD Kube.
The Icon Microwave can disrupt the ship's connection to Sol, costing your ship potentially quite a bit more than the 1 Очко действия it would have taken you to cook that ration without it in the Очко действия cost of reestablishing connection. The Icon MAD Kube is a useless item. It has a very low chance of being successfully solved. Each person aboard the ship earns 3 Glory the first time they solve it, however using it is regarded as a selfish Очко действия waste unless your ship is about to end.