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В Дедале есть три ресурса, которые должны поддерживаться для выполнения миссии: Oxygen Кислород, Fuel Топливо и Armor Броня.


Самый сложный для поддержания ресурс это Oxygen Кислород. В конце каждого цикла на корабле Oxygen уменьшается на 1, with an additional loss of 1 per broken Oxygen Tank (max. -3 per cycle). Потеря кислорода не влияет на персонажей или пожар.

Если уровень кислорода достигнет Low Oxygen 0 в конце цикла, случайный член экипажа задохнется и умрет.

  • Наличие предмета Icon Unknown item поможет избежать удушья, но это потратит капсулу.
    • Как таковой, Oxygen 1 более полезен в капсуле, нежели в общем хранилище, где он, закончившись, никого не спасает.
    • Система ставит в приоритет убийство персонажей без Кислородных капсул прежде, чем у них появятся капсулы.
  • Полет патрулем или разведка не спасут от удушения.
  • При смене дня, удушье происходит перед тем, как Растения выработают кислород. Это означает, что удушье всё ёще может случиться, даже если уровень Oxygen подымется.

Oxygen can be extracted into item form from the Oxygen Tank, creating an Icon Oxygen Capsule. It cannot be dropped by conventional means and must be injected back into the tank instead.

Источники Кислорода

Oxygen Кислород можно получить из растений. Каждое здоровое растение производит Oxygen 1 при смене дня. Растения не могут восполнить весь кислород в начале, limited by the starting number of Icon HydroPots, but given needed care and various bonuses (Icon Ян's Icon Green Thumb for 2 more HydroPots, Extra Hydropots NERON Project for an extra 3), они могут покрыть надобность экипажа в кислороде в долгосрочной перспективе.

The more reliable, but also more dangerous way to obtain Oxygen Oxygen is planetary exploration. If the analysis of a planet indicates the presence of oxygen, the expedition can gain from 0 to 24 Oxygen units depending on chance.

  • As with plants, Oxygen increases from an expedition returning exactly at cycle change come after suffocation events.


Fuel Fuel is necessary to move the Daedalus to access planets and dodge Hunters. The tanks hold up to 32 Fuel. A broken Fuel Tank does not leak fuel as with Oxygen, however it only becomes inaccessible for fuel extraction/insertion.

To operate the Daedalus, fuel can be extracted into item form from the Fuel Tank, creating a Icon Fuel Capsule which can then be inserted into the Combustion Chamber. The level of fuel in the chamber is used to move the ship. Fuel Capsules cannot be dropped by conventional means and must be injected into the Combustion Chamber or back into the tank.

Источники топлива

Fuel Fuel is primarily retrieved via exploration of planets with Hydrocarbon Deposit zones, though other zones also offer fuel to a lesser extent (Mountain, Caverns and Shipwreck). Other than that, Icon Fuel Capsules can occasionally be found in Icon Space Capsules retrieved from destroyed Hunters via the Pasiphae.


The Armor Armor of the ship represents the consistency of its construction. At the beginning of the game, the Daedalus has the maximum amount, 100 Armor. If Armor drops to 0, the ship breaks apart and the entire crew is killed, instantly ending the game. Armor is damaged by attacking Hunter icon.png hunters and asteroids, which is counted at every cycle change.

The frequency of hunters and asteroids makes it necessary to repair the ship. Anyone can attempt repairs with Scrap Metal anywhere on the ship, restoring 5 Armor and consuming one Scrap Metal if successful. The base chance of repair success is 25%. It is not influenced by the Icon Technician skill, but it is raised to 37% with the Wrench item. The Oscilloscope raises the Armor restored by a repairing action to 10, and wielding both the Wrench and the Oscilloscope raises the success rate to 75%.