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The crew of the Daedalus can embark on Expeditions to foreign planets, restocking the ship's resources and discovering various adventurous zones and artifacts. Some precautions need to be taken before an Expedition can be started, and a larger number of characters will need to work together to load fuel, send the Daedalus on its course and embark on the journey.

Launching an Expedition

Expedition procedure:

  • Нужно найти планету с помощью Astro Terminal.
  • В Combustion Chamber, находящийся в машинном зале, нужно загрузить необходимый объём топлива (Fuel).
  • Капитан корабля (Icon Commander) должен повернуть "Дедал" в верном направлении и после этого запустить двигатели (см. Навигация). Если корабль полетит не в том направлении или количество топлива окажется неверным, планета будет потеряна.
  • Optional: Everyone can look at the planet and finish the surface scan now, if you have not done so already, for a cheaper cost. Do this in order to confirm that the planet really contains what was reported, and you won't encounter things you do not want to (generally this means Volcanoes, Mankarog and Seismic zones).
  • Assemble your expedition crew in Icarus Bay and take off. The only cost is 4 AP for launching, from the person who launches. Everyone else in the bay is brought along automatically, and more AP is not needed to return.
  • The Expedition will happen automatically. Exception: The Icon U-Turn skill will allow you to abort an expedition in progress.
  • When you are on an Expedition, all discovered items, fruit and food appear automatically in the Icarus Bay. Icon TODO: confirm When on a patrol ship they appear when the patrol ship gets back.
  • Once the Expedition is done, someone will have to put 1 Fuel in the Combustion Chamber, and the Icon Commander has to move out of orbit before you can scan for new planets.

You can't launch an expedition under these circumstances:

  • The planet has been fully explored
  • An expedition is currently happening
  • If the BIOS Setting BIOS Crew Lock is on [Pilot], the one who launches the expedition has to be a Icon Pilot.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • As long as there are Icon Mush on board, it is wise to both secure the Icon Hacker Kit and take the acting Commander along for the expedition, to prevent them from moving the ship and abandoning the away team.
  • For the landing, it does not matter who launches the expedition as long as a Pilot is part of the crew.
  • If someone dies during the expedition, everything they were carrying is permanently lost.
  • If the Icarus is still on the planet when the Daedalus moves, the Icarus and all expedition personal will be lost forever, unless NERON project Magnetic Return is completed. Then the Icarus will be returned... but not the crew.
  • After exploring the planet in a patroller, you will be returned to space rather than a bay.
  • Icon Баг: You can be hit by a steel plate while on a planet.
  • Icon Баг: A member of the Expedition can die due to lack of Oxygen in the Daedalus

Useful Skills

Certain characters' skills lend themselves to Expeditions especially well, granting the exploring crew various bonuses. Expedition gains from multiple same skills do stack.

Icon Botanist: +1 to fruit gained from Harvests.

Icon Diplomat: Disables Combat outcomes from alien meetings. It won't protect you from accidents or from getting smashed by a Mankarog.

Icon Sprinter: +1 area visited per Sprinter. (Even if they go missing during the mission.)

Icon Shooter: +1 to group combat strength if the Shooter carries a blaster

Icon Polyvalent: Combines the effects of Botanist and Diplomat

Icon Survivalist:

  • Personal damage to the survivalist is reduced by 1 point.
  • The event Provision gives 1 more Icon Alien Steak.
  • Last to die in case of fatal events. It means that if you had to die (in case of some fatal event) someone else will.

Useful Equipment

Icon Quadrimetric Compass:

  • Protects the group from the Wandering event.
  • Protects the wielder from the Lost event.

Icon Spacesuit Allows explorers to go on a planet without oxygen. If you don't have a spacesuit on such a planet, you won't take part in the expedition, and you will wait in the Icarus.

Icon Rope Cancels 3-5 personal damage that can happen to you in the zones of Шаблон:Zone, Шаблон:Zone and Шаблон:Zone. Does not prevent sudden death.

Icon White Flag Cancels the chance of Combat in the Шаблон:Zone event.

Icon EchoLocator Chance to explore Шаблон:Zone zone is multiplied by 5.

Icon Drill Double any Fuel gains during the expedition.

Icon Babel Module The chance to gain an artfact in the Шаблон:Zone event is doubled.

Icon Thermosensor Chance to explore Шаблон:Zone, Шаблон:Zone, Шаблон:Zone, Шаблон:Zone, Шаблон:Zone and Шаблон:Zone zones is multiplied by 5.

Icon Post-it Can be used to fill empty inventory slots to reduce the chance of losing an important object during exploration.


Icon Blaster +1 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Knife +1 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Natamy Rifle +1 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Lizaro Jungle +1 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Old Faithful (Machine Gun): +2 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Rocket Launcher +3 added to the strength of your team during Combat.

Icon Grenade +3 added to the strength of your team during Combat. (one time use and consumed at the 1st Combat). If a crew member carries more than one, one will be used per fight.

Игровая механика

Продвижение по планете происходит автоматически, одна зона в 10 минут.

  • 9 зон обходит отряд, прилетевший на Икаре (Icarus), +1 за каждого носителя навыка Icon Sprinter в отряде.
  • 3 обходит пилот, высадившийся с патроллера, 4 если он Icon Sprinter.

Каждая зона может быть пройдена только 1 раз. Each zone can be explored once, but a visit may fail to explore in case of Wandering event.

Each zone has 4 possible outcomes. (for details see Zones)

Item gains (Steaks, O2, Fuel, Fruits) reported by the game already include the bonuses from any Skills and inventory items mentioned above.


Если выпало боевое событие, его результат вычисляется так:

  • Сила существа определяется зоной (кроме Шаблон:Zone ).
  • Сила команды: 1 от каждого участника, плюс бонусы от навыков и экипировки.
  • Если сила отряда меньше силы существа, то разница разбивается на отряд в качестве урона. (Не обязательно поровну.)
  • Если команда побеждает, урона нет, и никаких других эффектов тоже нет.


После окончания экспедиции все участники получат сообщение со ссылкой на лог экспедиции. Эту ссылку можно показать другим членам команды. Баг: здоровье участников отображается на уровне 12 Очки Здоровья, а не на фактическом уровне на момент окончания экспедиции.