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Episodes are periodic Mush content updates released by Motion Twin. This article will try to keep track of any changes made to the game between episodes. Icon TODO: Info about Episode IV: Subtle Seasoning

Episode I: Prologue

The Prologue was Mush's closed beta period which launched on 19th August 2013. The earliest beta testers were invited directly by Epoq, the game's administrator, with limited-use beta keys being released on Facebook and Twitter as time went on.

Initial voyages were extremely limited in functionality. Motion Twin wanted to make sure that a particular module was well tested before releasing new modules for the crews to use and experiment with.

Module release schedule:

19 Aug 2013
22 Aug 2013
Research Lab
23 Aug 2013
27 Aug 2013
Communications Center
02 Sep 2013
04 Sep 2013
16 Sep 2013
All remaining modules

Episode II: The Dawn

This episode marks the public release of Mush and launched on 5th November 2013.

Episode III: New Generations

The current, ongoing episode of Mush which launched on 24th April 2014. The general theme is the survival of the human race, with the introduction of two new characters with traits focused on doing the thing as well as the Icon Pregnant status. A number of bug fixes, new skills and solutions to age-old problems has also been introduced.

Character changes

More information on the new characters, their traits and skills can be found in their respective articles.

Skill changes

  • New Icon Wrestler and Icon Solid action: 2 Очко действия Kick Out !
    • Forces the target character to leave the room in a random direction.
    • Costs 1 Очко действия less for Icon Inactive targets.
    • Not Aggressive, improving interaction with Icon Ян's Icon Pacifist and Icon Чао's Icon Crazy Eye. Icon Баг: Still asks for confirmation of an aggressive action.
    • As a result of this, Icon Wrestler is now kept as Icon Mush, as the Mush test would be too easy otherwise.
  • Various fixes to skill tooltips across the board.

Status changes

  • New status: IconPregnant
    • Gained by female characters (not Icon Энди) when doing the thing. 8% chance.
    • Gives an immediate bonus of 8 Glory to the mother and 2 Glory to the whole crew.
    • If a Pregnant character dies, the entire crew loses more Мораль.
    • If the father injects a Icon Spore when the baby is made, the mother is affected by an extra Spore.
    • Gives various diseases like Шаблон:Disease.
    • Gives a bonus of 8 Glory to the whole crew when the ship reaches Eden.
  • New status: Icon Highly Inactive
    "You're highly inactive, not having connected in the past 48 hours. You are a punishment to your crew who has a right to dispose of you."
    • Violence against Highly Inactive players is not sanctionable
  • Icon Inactive:
    • Now prevents the character from gaining Glory.
    • No longer lost when the character is attacked.

Item changes

  • Items can no longer be hidden before the Icon Mush appear.
  • Puuquf has been renamed to Icon Phuxx.

Miscellaneous changes

  • New feature: Trading of items and even characters (for instance, selling off Icon Highly Inactive players with no penalty) with alien merchants.
    • A merchant always spawns on Day 0.
    • Merchants sometimes appear in place of Hunters.
    • Interaction happens via a new button on the Comms Console.
    • Being sold is not considered a death in terms of morale loss and Distinctions.
  • Chat history scrolling seems to have been fixed.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Episode IV: Subtle Seasoning

Character Changes

Icon Чао and Icon Финола returned

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Characters can begin the ship with an injury
  • Alien Fruit spawns in refectory

Episode V: Spores Galore!

Character Changes

Skill Changes

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Starting injuries no longer exist
  • Crew can wake up with a spore out of cryo
    • Mycoscan taken out of "neutral play" exemption to deal with starting spores
  • Ships begin in orbit of an unknown and un-analyzed planet

Episode VI: Sporemaggedon!

Character Changes

Icon Чао and Icon Финола have returned.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The ship no longer spawns in orbit of a planet."but humans can still start with a random spore. "

Icon TODO: Add symbol for Episode 5, note any other changes to the game.